Dog Walking

Solo or group dog walking services from 30 minutes upwards depending on the individual needs of your pet. These include discounts for multiple dogs. Each booking requires a pre-visit to get to know your dog and gather all necessary info and complete all paperwork to make sure your pet stays safe..

Drop in visits

Visits to tend to your pets needs or even just for cuddles. From 1 hour upwards, these visits are brilliant for if you work long hours, have an evening out planned or even if your away and want piece of mind knowing your pet has 1 to 1 care provided.

Optional extras

Are you away and want to make sure plants are watered, as well as your pets taken care of? Perhaps you want to make sure you come back to a few bits in the fridge because who wants to have to go shopping as soon as they come back from holiday? Or even just a tidy round? Optional extras include other needs during drop in visits so you don't have to worry about them. This can also offer home security whilst your away and piece of mind.